Weren’t the seductive Lotuseaters in Homer’s Odyssey to gave the core group of Odysseus addictive fruits that made them forget about all and never wanted to go back home again?

Similarly, is the hypnotic instrumental rock of NIGHT OF THE LOTUSEATER. Think of bands like Maserati (USA), Caspian, Russian Circles, Mogwai, Motorpsycho, Karma to Burn, Explosions in the Sky, Elder, 35007 and at times even Sonic Youth meets Deerhoof. NIGHT OF THE LOTUSEATER takes you to another spellbinding world where you’d actually want to spend the rest of your life.

The band originated in 2000 from the high northern forest sounds of Friesland, The Netherlands, where they played live frequently until 2003. In summer 2005 they recorded the track ‘Dublin’ with sound engineer Williem Blok, mixed & mastered at The Cauldron Studios, Ireland, with overdubs by an Orange speaker cabinet, formerly owned by mr. Noel Redding (The Jimi Hendrix Experience).

Since 2012, Leo van der Veen (guitar), Bart Jonathan Dykstra (bass), and drummer Harm Klaas Dijkstra, did a restart from Amersfoort, in a converted old railway fire station turned rehearsal studio from 1904.

After a creative summer full of musical bbq’s, they were soon recognized as the support act of like-minded bands as Drive Like Maria, Mugstar, Radar Men from the Moon, the Swedish New Keepers of the Water Towers, and Monomyth, featured on Into the Void- and Freeze Festival, all of which provided the band a pretty good live reputation, accompanied by a 45+ minute video projection, filmed from above the North Sea.

Debut Album
Their debut album Aepos ONE – An Electric Production of Space was recorded at The Super Nova Studio with producer Bob de Wit (sound engineer from White Hills (USA), Radar Men From The Moon and the Roadburn Festival) and mastered by Pieter ‘Pidah’ Kloos of The Void Studio, early September 2014.

The digital release is planned for February 2015. Vinyl edition will be achieved through crowdfunding later in the same year.

Album cover photograph by Niels Stomps,

As previously mentioned bands indicate the genre NIGHT OF THE LOTUSEATER moves in, it’s a balance between instrumental progressive post- and stoner rock. Since the Netherlands don’t have a desert like in the term Californian ‘desert rock’, the term ‘north sea stoner rock’ wouldn’t be out of place either.

To sum it up:
They dig up sonic oil, while rocking the Intertidals of the World Heritage Great Barrier Riffs.